Zappu Abare Dama Wicked Ball Treble Hook Weight
Abare Dama Wicked Ball Treble Hook Weight
Japans finest terminal tackle brand, Zappu, has added a unique tungsten weight that you add to the rear treble hook of crankbaits. The tungsten weight attachment is called the Zappu Abare Dama Wicked Ball Treble Hook Weight that adds tantalizing action to crankbaits. Named Abare Dama in Japanese, it has a direct translation as Wicked Ball and thats exactly the type of action it creates when applied to crankbaits. The effect it has is to swing counter to the lures original action, causing a wild, deadly-looking zigzag action or hunting kick out action in most cases, although the action will vary depending on crankbait model. Its typically screwed onto the tail treble but again depending on crankbait model, may prove useful attached to the front treble in some cases. Like the legendary old wiggle warts the erratic hunting action with an occasional kick out that seems to trigger cold water bass. Typically when fishing crankbaits you try to hit cover and create that deflective action that creates reaction strikes from bass. The wicked ball allows you to create that hunting action without hitting cover. All's you need to do is simple crank the bait a little bit kill it and start the retrieve again.
2.2 grams / 6.0 mm
1.9 grams / 5.5 mm
1.5 grams / 5.0 mm
1.1 grams / 4.5 mm
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