Craw Tube
Havoc Pit Chunk Trailer- 8 Pk
Power Bait Chigger Craw
Battle Bug
Craw Tube
Yo Mama
Swamp Bug
BB Cricket Small Craw
Crawdaddy Flippin Bait
Cover Craw
Sasuteki Craw
Baby Paca Craw
Paca Chunk Sr. Trailer
Double Wide Beaver
Smallie Beaver Creature Bait
Sweet Beaver
Rage Tail Craw
Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub
Structure Bug
Flappin Hog
Split Tail Trailer
Super Speed Craw
Ultra Vibe Speed Craw
Single Tail Grub
Double Tail Gurb
Fat Albert Grub
Rattlin CRAWLer Craw
Flappin Crawz- 6 pk
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