Tungsten Drop Shot Weight
Tour Grade Slither Rig
Sexy Spoon 5 1/2 inch
Pro Model 6XD Crankbait Silent
Zeko Bass Fishing Original Black Shoe
Rage Cut R Worms- 7 pk
Pro Model 6XD Crankbait
KVD Perfect Plastics Finesse Worm
Tour Grade Swim Jig 1/4 oz
KVD Dream Shots Drop Shot Worms
HC KVD Splash Jr Popper
Tour Grade Football Jig
S11 Optics Sunglasses
Premier Pro Model Jig
Red Eye Shad Lipless Crankbait
Perfect Plastic Caffeine Shad
Pro Model Series 5 Crankbait
Pro Model 3XD Crankbait
KVD Slash Bait Jerkbait 300
Pro Model 5XD Crankbait Silent
KVD Slash Bait Jerkbait 200
Sexy Spoon 4 inch
Tour Grade Swim Jig 5/16 oz
Tour Grade Tungsten Weights
Zeko Bass Fishing Original Red Shoe
HC KVD Splash Popper
Rage Blade Tour Grade Swim Jig- 1/2 oz
Tour Grade Tungsten Carolina Rig Weight
Rage Tail ReCon Worm
Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub
Tour Grade Swim Jig 3/8 oz
KVD HC Square Bill 2.5 Silent Crankbait
Pro Model 5XD Crankbait
Structure Bug
Perfect Plastic Blade Minnow
KVD Sexy Dawg Walking Bait
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